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Observation Essay

  • Submitted by: nsadd09
  • on March 27, 2014
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Observation Essay Part III: Final Draft
It is important to understand how much you can learn simply from observing someone, something, or someplace. I was surprised at how much I did not know about my friend Taelie. I went from knowing that she is a boxer collie that stands on four legs and has a tale, to so much more about her appearance, actions and interests when I set out to observe her.
As I sit gazing at her I focus mainly on her physical characteristics. I realize how much of her appearance I have disregarded. Knowing that she is mostly black and accented in white, I failed to notice just how dark she is, finding that she is black as coal. Her white accents are on her toes, as well as a patch that starts at the front of her chest that runs through her front legs and over her sternum. She has a thin line that runs down her for head between her eyes that meets a blanket covering her nose that is speckled with charcoal spots where her whiskers are and tip on her tail as if it had been dipped in fresh snow.   Noticing that she has shorter hair about an inch or so in length , a very smooth coat that is dense and course, and that lies close to her body with some slight feathering at her tail, especially towards the tip. She is slightly longer in length than she is tall, and weighs about thirty five pounds. Her eyes are well set and always alert and her ears are usually half pricked and occasionally will be fully erect when she is intensely focused on an object. In addition she has a navy blue collar with bone shaped tags that display her name and shots that have been given. When she moves you can hear them clang together, similar to a cow with a bell.
As I continue to admire my four legged friend I notice that she is consistently checking her surroundings; I guess you say that she is always on guard. When she moves around with not great purpose she is very graceful. However, when playing I hear her bark of pleasure as she chases and runs after the children, and...

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