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Obesity Essay

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During week six we discussed fundamentals of risk management for coaches. I learned that an important component that needs to emphasized and implemented in the development of a risk management program is planning for contingencies. A coach should always have a backup plan because anything can happen where I would not be able to use my current risk management program. I learned that whenever a new coach or administrator starts a new position, creating or updating a policy manual would help prevent future chaos. A coach needs to review insurance policy and make sure that they are familiar with the things are covered and not covered. When it comes to risk management I will never assume that everybody that’s participating in my program knows the consequences of risk management.
In week seven we discussed ethics in sports. In the forum we had to discuss a coach unethical behavior. As a coach or administrator we need to have integrity and practice having good ethics. We have young athletes and students watching our every move and they will notice if we are practicing what we preach. A lot of young athletes and students start learning ethical norm at school. Coaches and teachers are role models to these athletes and student and they must make sure they are setting good examples. Something that I will always remember from this lesson is when making decisions ( as a coach) I need to think through all the potential consequences of my actions.
In week two we discussed what qualities make a good leader and personnel issues.   It is very important that a coach knows their own leadership style, traits, and abilities. A very important strength that a head coach must possess to be successful is patience. A coach needs to practice having patience, because some players just can’t digest things as fast as other players can. A coach needs to wait and be patient before moving ahead because if they do move to fast some of the areas of work may not be fully understood and therefore...

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