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Obamacare Essay

  • Submitted by: EmmaCaid1
  • on March 27, 2014
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Public Project: Media Matter
For my public project I decided to track one of the most talked about and controversial headlines of 2013, Obamacare: a national health care plan aimed at reforming the American health care system. Each week I would save the most popular and credible sources from the web about Obamacare and save them to my desktop. For a month I collected about 10 news articles, ones that where either far left or far right on the political side. At the end of that I carefully went through all of them to examine the way in which different sources talk about the issue over Obamacare. What was true, what was bias, and who was just covering up his mistake was what I wanted to examine through these articles and news sources.
In almost every news article I found, every title had the words “lie” or “broken promise” somewhere in the heading whether it was a negative review highlighting the lies, or a positive review debunking the lies told. Either way lies will stick with association with Obamas healthcare act. The fact is that Obama did lie or didn’t tell the whole truth. While more conservative news sources made this clear to the public that Obama did something that a President should have never done, the more Liberal news sources dismissed it even though they knew what was wrong. The title of a recent Los Angeles Times article titles the words “Did Obama lie about healthcare reform or just omit a crucial detail.” Although his critics say he flat out lied, the article states that it was just misleading because of the complex laws behind it saying that it “couldn’t be rolled out in pristine condition.” Dismissing such a huge lie is truly a bias thing to do for the Democratic Party.
There has also been a connection between the phrasing of the new act. Obamacare versus the Affordable Care Act, both clearly the same thing, but to many Americans the title can deceive many. In a poll conducted by Fox News, “22 percent of GOP voters said they supported the...

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