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Nvq 2 Travellers Pamplet Essay

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  • on June 22, 2014
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For a Memorable and Healthy Holiday in Africa

A must read especially for first time travellers!!

The worst nightmare for any traveller is to fall sick on a dream holiday.
One can never be fully prepared for what will happen in the future but experience has shown that those who do some research about their holiday destinations prior to travelling tend to reduce the chances of a totally spoilt holiday.

Many a time advice from Monkey Holidays has received a good rating from travelers as a dependable source of information for holiday makers in Africa.

There are quite a chunky of diseases across the entire African continent. Some do share similar symptoms meanwhile some on the contrary show some significant differences depending on which part of Africa one is travelling to.
In all cases vaccinations have been put in place as both preventive and stop gap measures for the benefit of travellers.
It is advisable therefore to consult your GP or Physician for advise on a particular country one is travelling to so that the correct jabs or vaccines may be administered prior to travelling.

Whilst on holidays it is good practice to monitor and be mindful of what one eats and drinks since most of the tropical diseases are manifestly found in food and drink which are not hygienically handled.
The diseases inside this pamphlet are only a handful of the numerous tropical diseases that can be found in Africa but they are the common ones across the continent and are worth watching out for;


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For a Memorable and Healthy Holiday in Africa


Treatment is usually by applying anti fungal such are   athlete’s foot, scalp ringworm and groin ringworm.
It is transmitted   from person to person through sharing personal care items like towels. It can also be from...

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