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Nursing Essay

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  • on February 28, 2014
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I was born in Havana, Cuba on April 1992. I lived in Cuba for five years. Then my family and I moved to Miami, Florida on March, 1998. Cuba is the largest island of the West Indies group. Cuba is west of Hispaniola (Haiti and Dominican Republic), south of Key West, Florida, at the entrance of the Gulf of Mexico (Cuban Culture, 2012).
Cuban Culture
Cuba is known for its cultural diversity, built from Spanish, African, Chinese, North American, and others cultures influences (Cuban Culture, 2013). Cuban culture is rich in parts due to its racial mix that put together traditions, food, religions, music, and sports. The ethnic mix that took place in Cuba from the time of the Spanish colonization when Spaniards mixed with natives of the island and later with black slaves brought from Africa, gave place to a new individual , the mulatto which is known as the offspring of   a black and a white individual (Cuban Culture, 2013 ) .
Additionally, Cuba is unique for the people that live on this beautiful island. Cubans are enterprising, optimist, hospitable, talkative, inventiveness, modest, and charismatic. Family and friends are very important in Cuban traditions. Cubans like to share and help each other. They consider their neighbors like their family and share all moments together. If there is a party, they are together celebrating, but when there is a problem they help each other through it. Celebrations in Cuba typically involve large groups of people socializing together. For example , the carnival is a tradition dating from the times of slavery and held each year at the end of July along the Havana “malecon” (breakwater) and in all the cities and important towns of the island (Franklin, 2013). This event is a massive party which lasts several days and includes a number of cultural events, including music, drinks, and food.
Cubans like to dress in up to date fashion, and they love to show their creativity through modifying their old clothes. Almost in every house...

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