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Nur492 Healthleaderinterview Essay

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Health Care Leader Interview
This paper is a transcription of an interview conducted by the author to Mr. Hernandez, a fellow director of nursing (DON) of a home health care agency in Miami, and former supervisor. The author focused the interview on the role of leadership in the health care environment. The author asked Mr. Hernandez to give some professional background and explain the role of a DON as well as sharing his experiences, philosophies, and views of a leader and leadership in general. Mr. Hernandez also explained his challenges as a DON, his vision of leadership in the future in the nursing practice, and provided advice to future leaders.
Could you speak about your background and the role you have today?
Mr. Hernandez explained that he became a medical doctor in Cuba and practiced for 15 years. In 1987, he came to the United States not because of political reasons but aspiring to provide a better future for his family. Mr. Hernandez started working at a home health agency transcribing nursing notes and quality assurance. After three years, Mr. Hernandez started the nursing program and became a registered nurse. Soon after with the financial help of his brother, he started a home health agency, and with little to none leadership experience, he became the DON and still holds the same position.  
How would you describe a leader?
Mr. Hernandez explained that he always thought that a leader title is for presidents, generals, and people who lead the masses, not for an average person. However, after starting as a DON and becoming a father of two that opinion changed drastically. A leader can be anybody; because a leader encourages people to do things, uses his or her example to show people how to do things, a leader must listen and learn how to speak to ensure the message arrives to the intended person or group. A leader is more like a priest, a prophet, a person who people chose to follow and respect.  
What are important qualities or characteristics...

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