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Nt1210 Unit 2 Essay

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  • on March 1, 2014
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Unit 2 Assignment 2: Computer Basics Review
Week 2
  1. C
  2. B
  3. C, E
  4. A, D
  5. A
  6. D
  7. C
  8. D
  9. A,C, D
  10. C, D
  11. A
  12. A, D
  13. B
  14. C
  15. A, D
  16. D
  17. D
  18. D
  19. A
  20. B

Key Terms
  1. Computer Networking - A combination of many components that work together so that many different devices can communicate.
  2. Computer Network - A combination of many components that work together so that many different devices can communicate.
  3. Application -software that performs some useful function for a user.
  4. Email - Electronic mail. An application in which the user can type text and attach other files to create the electronic equivalent of a postal letter, and send the email to another person using his or her email address.
  5. Voice Mail - A more modern term for a telephone call that does not use the word telephone, instead emphasizing the fact that the traffic that flows between the endpoints is voice.
  6. Video Frame - A grid of pixel locations of a chosen width by height that contains the lights/colors to be shown in a video at a single point in time.
  7. Web Server - software that stores web pages and web objects, listens for requests for those pages, and sends the contents of those pages/objects to clients.
  8. Web Browser - software controlled directly by a user that requests web pages from a web server, and after receiving a page, displays the web page in a window.
  9. Web Address - Text that identifies details about one object in a network so that a client can request that object from a server.
  10. Web Page - In a web browser, all the text, images, video, and sound that fill the window of the browser when the user opens a link to some web address.
  11. Protocol -A set of rules that different devices and/or software must follow so that the network works correctly.
  12. HTTP - The protocol used by web browsers and web servers...

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