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Nordstrom Case Study

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Nordstrom has a different type of work environment that is unlike any other clothing retail company. It is a type that is enthusiastic and motivating to its employees and managers; in return, results in the workers being supportive in the company’s goals and policies. Nordstrom aims to have excellent customer service in order to maintain satisfied and returning customers. In order to keep their buyers happy, the company allows their salespeople to have a wide range of operational and bottom-line responsibility without the over-bearing, controlling guidelines most businesses have; therefore, not causing as much stress and frustration onto their employees. Nordstrom’s business practices contribute to positive worker relations by giving the employees a sense of importance to both the corporation and their own occupation. By the employees feeling important and knowing they will benefit from being the best salesperson they can be, I believe it makes be more motivated and determined to perform their daily work duties.
Nordstrom uses positive reinforcements to motivate and push their workers and mainly secondary reinforcers to appeal and maintain their salespeople. According to Psychologist Kendra Cherry, in an article on About.com, a secondary reinforcement, also known as conditioned reinforcement, refers to a situation in which an incentive emphasizes a behavior after it has been associated with a primary reinforcer. Cherry also explained primary reinforcers and how the items occur naturally and do not need to be taught nor learned (water, food, sleep, air, love, etc.). “The most common secondary reinforcement is money,” said Kendra Cherry indicated, “Money can be used to reinforce behaviors because it can be used to purchase primary reinforcers such as food, clothing, shelter and other such things.” Nordstrom uses a commission type pay to reward the salesperson based upon their amount of sales for the given time period. Because of the commission pay structure,...

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