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None Essay

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  • on March 1, 2014
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• Choose one theory you agree with most. Provide the name of the theorist(s) and a basic overview of the theory, including all relevant components.   I mostly agree on Thorndike even though all of them are good, but he saw teaching was a way to control the way you were learning   and it was a better way of getting your attention, but like he said about the behavior was something that stood out   any behavior   that is followed by pleasant consequences is likely to repeat itself which is true.

• Describe why you agree most with this theory. When it comes to agree with this theory   it’s like teaching my band members which are kids   to stay out of trouble   then reward them afterwards. In this case will make it know when other do bad   what was the treatment, it goes for   the adults to because you have to   have a strong mind to deal with things like this

Choose one theory you disagree with the most. Provide the name of the theorist(s) and a basic overview of the theory, including all relevant components. I would disagree on Gagne theory

Describe why you disagree with this theory the most.   Because I feel that there was enough information on this person, because now and days everything has to be in action not just talking which it can be good for some people.
Principles and Applications of Adult Learner, Malcolm S. Knowles, Elwood F. Holton, Richard A. Swanson, Seventh Edition, 2012

Retribution refers to the penalty imposed on the individual against the crime
committed. The saying An eye for an eye is recorded in one of our sacred book Bible
which justifies its existence from the historical period. This widespread belief shows the
attitude towards crime and its corrective measures.
Specific deterrence focuses on the individual in question. The aim of these punishments is to discourage the criminal from future criminal acts by instilling an understanding of the consequences. General or indirect deterrence focuses on general prevention of crime by...

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