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No Title Essay

  • Submitted by: shaklain
  • on June 21, 2014
  • Category: English
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The main difference between spoken and written language is that most written language is intended to be read by someone who is separated from the writer in space and time. There are many ways of me speaking with others. Often , my language changes in different situations. Some people can't actually figure out how i speak normally, they just think that when i speak to them is how I am normally.
When I speak to myself I think that's how I speak normally. It feels as if I am speaking freely. In fact, my spoken language does not show my true personality. I often portray myself as a different person through my spoken language. A typical situation would be when my parents invite adult guests at our house for a party. My spoken language illustrates me as an obedient son. When I am in front of the adults I use polite words such as "Please" or "Thank you". I never use words that would make me sound rude in front of them. Sometimes, when they ask me any questions I nod to say if I understand or not. I also use hedge words to show that I am not eager to say 'yes' or 'no'.
However, my spoken language towards my friends is very different than with adults. Firstly, I communicate with them in languages they understand and secondly, depending on the situation, with some I talk in a phatic way and with others i use ellipsis to make it cool. Every time I   am with any of my friends I talk informally. I use colloquial language(slang words) to indicate that I am cool. The slang words i usually say are "innit" or "wassup" instead of "isn't it" and "what's up". If I had to say a sentence using colloquial language I would say "There iz beef goin on", which means "There is fighting going on".
Most of the times I stay silent for one reason. This is when words i want to say doesn't turn out all right. As I also have an Italian accent, i feel shy to talk with others constantly. For instance, If I said something to my friends such as "can you give me those papers?" they would think it's...

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