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Night by Elie Weisel Essay

  • Submitted by: shannduff
  • on September 3, 2013
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Shannon Duffy
Miss Blesing
English 10

“I was a body. Perhaps even less than that.” Elie Wiesel while in a German concentration camp said this around 1939; 4 years after Germany invaded Poland and soon after killed 33,771 Jews in mobile killings. Dehumanization is a process Nazis used, gradually reducing Jews from people into nothing but bodies. In Elie Wiesel’s memoir Night, Nazis deprived Elie, his father, and fellow Jews of a name, their possessions, and treated them as dogs, which resulted in dehumanization.
After arriving in the concentration camp Jews were faced with the selection, if worthy they would work, if not it’s to the crematorium. Nazis had told them that the selection was the hardest part but Jews soon realized Nazis were no one to trust. Hitler wanted every Jew to be left with nothing and he succeeded in a great amount. If a Jew passed selection he/she was marked with a number, which was now his/her new name. ““A-7713” “That’s me””(Golding 89) Elie had said this after he was called by his number, his real name no longer mattered. Names are everywhere, buildings, companies, and most importantly, birth certificates. A name is one of the only things that someone truly owns without having to fear of it being taken away, but Nazis were assigned to make the Jews disappear, and with their identities, most of them did.
Jewelry, shoes, clothes, all things Jews lost while entering the Holocaust. These items may seem little because they are not necessities, but Holocaust victims worshiped them. These items symbolically stood for their lives. Each of these things were ripped out of their own hands, no warning, no reason, just taken, just like their lives or loved ones life. “There they went, defeated, their bundles, their lives in tow, having left behind their homes, their childhood.”(Golding 43) Once their possessions were taken from them they were lost, the location they were taken to was unfamiliar, how would they know how to survive?...

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