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Nicotiana Tabacum And Its Contributing Factors To Essay

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Nicotiana Tabacum and its contributing factors to and on humans


Independent Study for the completion of SBI3U: Grade 11 Biology

Alex Powell


July 2010

Table of contents:

1. Introduction – Abstract

2. Definition
  1. History
  2. Characteristics of the plant and its anatomy

3. Cultivation
3.1 Method of cultivation
3.2 Habitat and ecology

4. Uses
4.1 Nicotine
4.1.1. Most common use of nicotine
4.2   Seed Oil
4.3   Ethnomedicinal uses

5. Human/Floral Environment Interactions
5.1   The effects of the plant/species on humans
5.1.1.   Possible or chronicled effects on human homeostatic systems
5.2   Impact on the environment
5.3   Economic Impact

6. Conclusion

  1. Introduction – Abstract:

      In this independent study, it will show the different aspects and characteristics of the Nicotiana Tobaccum plant more commonly known as tobacco.

      I will describe its history, it’s cultivation methods, habitat and ecology.   In the more in-depth study, we will explore the uses and the different technologies that were used in the past, are currently being used and what to look forward to in the evolution of the plant.

      Finally, we will describe the interactions of the human and of the Nicotiana Tobaccum floral environments.   I will explain the effects of the plant and species on humans, its possible and chronicled effects on human homeostatic systems and its impact on the environment.

  2. Definition
      The plant genus is Nicotiana (tobacco) and similarly its species is the Nicotiana tobaccum.   The Nicotiana tobaccum plant is a member of the nightshade family, Solanaceae.   There are about 100 different species in the Nicotiana genus, but only two of them have been heavily cultivated.   More commonly known as tobacco, it is related to many other plants which include; vegetables, flowers, weeds, and poisonous herbs like potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant, and petunias.

  1. History...

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