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Next Generation Air Traffic Control Essay

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It is the expectation of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Industry forecast, that an increase by 150 to 250 percent is projected over the next two decades in air traffic operations. Failure to upgrade may predictably result in the US becoming stagnated as a major world economy. Because of the proportional economic relationship between growth in the nation’s Growth Domestic Product (GDP) and air travel, it is a requirement that there be investment in vital infrastructure. With these dynamics in mind, it is the recommendation of the Commission on the Future of Aerospace, that the United States view the revolution of the US air transportation system as a national priority. This new vision is known as the Next Generation Air Transportation System (NGATS). The NGATS vision calls for an alteration of the complete air transportation system which would show the way to a new set of competencies that will permit the system to respond to the necessitates of the Nations air transportation. (Swenson et.al 2006)
NGATS cannot be a work in progress without giving consideration to the Airspace. The Airspace is an area of concern because of the systems that is addresses. “The National Airspace system (NAS) is a complex network of air navigation facilities, airports, technology and appropriate rules and regulations. Air Traffic Control (ATC) is highly technical, intricate procedures that direct aircraft. The FAA created the National Airspace system (NAS) to protect persons and property on the ground and to establish a safe and efficient airspace environment for civil, commercial, and military aviation. The NAS is made up of a network of air navigation facilities, air traffic control facilities, airports, technology and appropriate rules and regulations that are needed to operate the system.”(Appendix B, Airspace and Air traffic Control)
“The next-generation air-traffic control system will have to be able to handle,...

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