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New Orleans Essay

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Rebuilding New Orleans DBQ

The destruction and chaos wreaked on New Orleans by Hurricane Katrina can still be seen today, in both the ruins of the city and the devastation in its citizens’ eyes. New Orleans desperately needs to be returned to its former glory for its unique history and culture. Many people may want to avoid such a project, stating that a similar natural disaster may occur in the future or that it is not logical to restore a city with such broken, lawless, uneducated people inhabiting parts of it. But, I say that the city, both its levees and its people, must be rebuilt and given a second chance so that the city may once again thrive.
One of New Orleans’ main attractions is its far-reaching, distinctive history. Tom Piazza says that “the past in New Orleans cohabits with the present to an extent not even approximated in any other North American city” (Doc B). How could we allow the majestic history of these people to be wiped away in a matter of hours? Not only must New Orleans’ levees be rebuilt, we must also find the city’s diamond in the rough so that “its history will once again inspire visitors” (Doc. C). Through music, arts, and countless other ways, New Orleans’ history has helped shape what America is today; it is time for us to return the favor.
With a culture found nowhere else in the world, New Orleans was a fascinating, foreign place to visitors. The beginnings of many scholars, musicians, writers, and other artists were developed in the city. Various interesting qualities of New Orleans are treasures to the city: jazz music, rhythm and blues, the architecture of the French Quarter, Creole cooking, and (of course) Mardi Gras just to mention a few. “These elements of New Orleans posses an astonishing vitality that has spoken to people around the world and shaped much of the best of what we think of still as American culture,” says Tom Piazza (Doc. B).
New Orleans, aside from being a center of rich history and culture, is a part...

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