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New Energies Essay

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Through the years the world has been witness of different types of disasters related to nuclear failures and problems, one of the most well-known disaster is the Chernobyl disaster occurred on April 26, 1986. The nuclear plant in Ukraine (Soviet Union) suffer a disaster, the reactor was overheated and the temperature increased creating a bursting on the pipes that cool the reactor because of the pressure and create an explosion surrounding the area of radioactive material. The explosion created a radioactive cloud drifted not only in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, but also in Europe.   (Lusted, 2011)
Because of this type of disasters, Germany has decided to close starting in 2022 eight oldest nuclear plants (Energiewende), it is clear that the nuclear failures are results of human mistakes and inefficient control of the nuclear plants, the education, experience and knowledge of the workers inside a nuclear plant must be from the most high level. (OECD/IEA, 2003)  
The accidents are not the only way of radioactive waste; the nuclear waste can also come from the nuclear fuel cycle (NFC) and non-NFC including nuclear industries, medical and research institutes. The main source of nuclear waste come from the nuclear fuel cycle, which are divided in open and close NFC. (Ojovan, 2014)
The nuclear open NFC is the used nuclear fuel that is disposed without reprocessing and the close NFC is the nuclear waste reprocessed, that means that U and Pu where extracted from this   waste before the disposal process. (Ojovan, 2014)
The impact that this wastes generated in the environment are enormous, this contained highly radioactive substances and also high level of toxicity, creating pollution in the earth. The results of the disasters occurred in the different countries, has given to Germany a different perspective of this kind of energy and also create insecurity in the society, this insecurity gives support to the politic to made decisions mentioned before. (Ojovan & Lee,...

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