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Network Design Essay

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Network Design

With the campus network being assigned the address subnetting the building will go as follows.   There will be three main networks in the building, administrative, instructional, and student.   The administrative network will be on 10.15.1.x, instructional network will be on 10.15.2.x, and the student network will be on 10.15.3.x all with a subnet mask of   By setting the subnet in this manor this network will have an almost unlimited potential for growth.   As this campus grows and the building adds more computers there will be plenty of addresses to go around.   As for the building set up at this time three subnets will be more than enough to use and control this network.     Each lab class will have its own server, which will take up its own network address.   There will be a printer in each classroom, lab, and in the library which all will take up its own network address.   There are a total of 170 computers, 13 printers, and 7 servers, which will take up 190 of the 254 available addresses on its subnet.   Each lab will have a 32-panel switch and there will be a switch and server at the demarcation points.   On the administrative network there are 20 computers, 16 printers, and 1 server being used.   The student network is going to be three wireless access routers set up in the hallways and in the student lab.
I would propose setting up this network on a physical and logic star topology.   This way if any of the offices or labs goes down they do not take out the entire network.   I would also propose that there be a demilitarized zone (DMZ) set up so that the student network (wifi) is separated from the network by a firewall.   From the Internet provider (IP) there will be a router, which will be connected to the DMZ and to the firewall.   From this point the firewall will go through another router, which will be connected, to the switches and the workstations.   With there being a printer in each lab, classroom, office, and in the...

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