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Netw202 Week 5 Essay

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Performing Switch Startup and Initial Configuration vLab (20 points)
Write a paragraph (a minimum of five college-level sentences) below that summarizes what was accomplished in this lab, what you learned by performing it, how it relates to this week’s TCOs and other course material, and just as importantly, how you feel it will benefit you in your academic and professional career. (8 points)
In this lab I learned about switch startup, initial configuration and putting password on the switch to prevent anyone from unauthorized access.   This lab can relate to this week’s discussion especially the part about EXEC privileged when it comes to configuring the device.   This one actually took me a few times because I accidentally did the reload before I took a screen shot and inputting the wrong stuff.   But because of that I learned to take my time and read the directions more carefully.   Also, used the ping command which was also discuss in the discussion.   This will be beneficial in the field since to get everything going we have to start with the switch and configuring everything so learning this is a must.    
Copy and paste the following screenshots from your Performing Switch Startup and Initial Configuration lab below.  
Task 1, Step 2: Paste a screenshot AFTER you execute the “erase startup-config” command but BEFORE you execute the “reload” command. NOTE! Be sure to take the screenshot before you reload or you will have to repeat this step in order to obtain the correct results. (1 point)

Question: What is the effect of erasing the startup-config file?   From my understanding when a system is rebooted the RAM is cleared unlike NVRAM, whatever is saved it stays in there.
Hint: Read and study the explanations within the lab for assistance. (2 points)

Screenshot: Task 1, Step 15: Paste a screenshot of the script that was created during the lab. (1 point)

Question: In your own words and without listing the parameters that were configured in the...

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