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Netw 320 Week 6 Instruction Essay

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This lab presents three scenarios that a network administrator will encounter with their wireless LAN segments. You are the network/security administrator for your company and must resolve each of these scenarios by using your knowledge, assigned readings, and appropriate research. These scenarios support this week’s TCO:

TCO 8: Given a business case study of a wireless network, develop and apply appropriate security-related measures.

iLab Instructions

Scenario 1

  1. Review the image below. It provides the latest site survey results showing the signal coverage on the second floor of your building. As can be seen, there is significant signal spillage to outside of the building. Your goal is to minimize the signal spillage. The antennas being used are all 2.1 dBi gain omnidirectional antennas.  

  2. Answer the following four questions on your Lab Report relating to the signal coverage image above.

Question 1: Discuss how changing the type of antennas affects the amount of signal spilling outside the building. What are your recommendations?

Question 2: Discuss how relocating the access points to a different part of the building affects the amount of signal spilling outside the building. What are your recommendations?

Question 3: Discuss the effects of changing the access points’ power level on the amount of signal spilling outside the building. Would adjusting the power level cause any other problems?

Question 4: Could other method(s) be used to prevent the signal from spilling outside the building?

Scenario 2

  3. As part of your monitoring process, you are checking the security level of the network. When logging into the network, this is what you see: You have been asked to assess a wireless network. This wireless network is used by the sales staff when they are in the office each Monday to enter sales records from the previous week. This sales data includes the payment details for each sale.

  4. Answer the...

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