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Net583 Section Essay

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Company Coin

Table of Contents

4.0 - Technology Sourcing and Internal Innovation 3

4.1 Technology Sourcing 3
4.1.1 Technology Sourcing Through Collaboration 3
4.1.2 Informal Alliances 3-4
4.1.3 Joint Ventures 4-5

4.2 Technology Sourcing and Internal Innovation 5
4.2.1 Company culture 5
4.2.2 New Internal innovation 5-7

5.0 - Product Development Strategy 7-11
4.0 - Technology Sourcing and Internal Innovation
4.1 Technology Sourcing
4.1.1 Technology Sourcing Through Collaboration
Coin needs to reach out to additional investment partners to include other Venture capitalist for additional funding like Google Wallet and others so that the product can move into production and to decrease pre-order pricing. Coin also should partner with other major credit card companies like Master Card, American Express, Visa, and even Discover for their initial payment network on their product and since these credit card companies already have security partners like RSA and UI and know how to source very secure product and use partners abroad to manufacture the cards at a significantly reduced cost. (Bohn, 2012) (Hamburger, 2013)
Other technology sourcing partners should include cell phone manufacturers Apple and Samsung to name a few. Coin can provide sales of application software for each of the cell phone manufacturers at a set price each time a consumer purchases the Coin product and downloads the app.   Social media partners like Facebook, Twitter and others that are well known and can help advertise and push the Coin product to the consumer. Coin hopes to collaborate and offer its product to the public soon and offers each consumer the card for $50 US dollars for now for pre-order and then once generally available the price will go up to $100 once a certain pre-order quantity is ordered.     Coin hopes to collaborate and grow its business and prepare for the future as consumers carrying multiple credit cards are begging to de-clutter their wallets.   Coin...

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