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Neolithic Revolution Essay

  • Submitted by: ChristinaMarie1
  • on March 26, 2014
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Throughout history, the ways of life have gotten easier, due to new technologies that are invented. During the Neolithic Revolution, there was a huge change from hunting and gathering, to farming and herding. This was a major change because now people could settle down and form a community, rather than following the food. Now people could build buildings and create a home for themselves and their families. This process from hunting and gathering to farming and herding changed peoples lives forever.
        Before farming and herding, people use to have to follow the food supply. This meant the people would have to be constantly moving, looking for animals to hunt and find berries to pick. This way of life was not very successful, people in this age would be starving due to the lack of food found. When the people learned how to use seeds correctly, and learned how to plant crops changed their ways forever. Also, they learned how to herd animals. Instead of following the animals around, they could raise their own healthy animals. The natives can now plant and grow berries and vegetables and could raise their own livestock. Now people could guarantee an abundance of food for themselves the next year.
        Since the people have a great amount of food, now they can begin to settle down. This is when civilizations and towns are born. Also, they can form a type of government, dealing with trade and their property. People now began trading their goods for other things they may need. Since food was less of an issue, they began to make technologies to make life easier. They could focus on forms of writing things down. According to document 3a, they used a writing style called cuneiform. Another writing style they used was hieroglyphics. Writing let people record their history. They could even tell stories in their writing! They also recorded laws, according to document 3b a very famous set of laws were written down called Hammurabi's code. The abundance of food, helped...

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