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Nelson Queensland Booklet Essay

  • Submitted by: tessharrison
  • on March 1, 2014
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Nelson Queensland English 3 Booklet

Activity, page 106

  1. Being a female means ‘lady like’. That includes such qualities as being elegat, having long beautiful hair, wearing make up and pretty dresses. The limitations are not being able to play all sports. The expectations are to be a motherly figure, including child bearing. Freedoms are being able to put effort into your appearance, which means nice shoes, doing your makeup and hair, shaving your legs. Also liking the colour pink!

Femininity | Masculinity |
Long hair | Big Muscles |
Pretty | Sporty |
Pink | Tough |
Tan | Tall |
Emotional | |

  a) In my opinion Brynne is a famous person that is the epitome of femininity. The male would be Arnold Schwarzenegger with his big muscles, being big and strong and his toughness.

  3. a) Culture
b) Culture
c) Culture
d) Biological
e) Culture
f) Biological
g) Culture
h) Biological
i) Culture

  4. Girls are naturally good mothers:
This is saying that boys are not good fathers or not nurturing or caring. This is not the case as some women are shocking mothers and couldn’t care less about their children. Some men are single fathers and do and excellent job of taking care of their baby.

  6. Female

ACTIVITY page 109

Male Stereotypes | Characteristics | Example |
Macho Men |     * Strong     * Brave     * Resilient     * Invincible | Steve Irwin |
Yobbos or Hooligans |     * Beer belly   * Rude   * Trashy dressers | Homer Simpson |
Sensitive new age guys |     * Caring   * Sweet   * lovable | Phil Donahue |
Wimps |     * Weak     * Goofy   * Scared   * Easily intimidated | Diary of a wimpy kid (Movie) |
Adventurers or thrill seekers |     * Outgoing   * Crazy   * Loud | Nitro Circus (Show) |
Geeks |     * Smart   * Nerdy   * Unattractive | Beauty and the Geek (Show) |
Fathers |     * Strong   * Protective   *...

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