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Nelson Mandela Essay

  • Submitted by: lilbit69
  • on March 25, 2014
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Nelson Mandela

The world has been through some serious events this year, many of which will be forever remembered in the history of humanity. There have been good events, and there have also been bad events. The Boston bombing during a marathon, a shooting at LAX, the 150th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation, and the inauguration of President Barack Obama for his second term as president. While there are many more events and all are very important, there is one event that stands above all the rest in importance. The death of Nelson Mandela was the most important current event of 2013 because of his dedication to civil rights, the time he served in prison to prove a point, and the legacy that he left behind.
Nelson Mandela’s death was the most important current event of 2013 partly because of his dedication to civil rights. South Africa before Mandela was a country that was segregated much like the USA before the 60’s civil rights movement. White people thought of blacks as lower than them, and treated them barely a step above slavery. Needless to say, Mandela was not too happy about this. He organized a group that was meant to lead South Africa to integration through worker strikes and protests. During these protests and strikes, Mandela managed to gain massive support to his cause. This support would gain negative attention as well, because it would lead to his arrest. Although his dedication to civil rights was a major reason why Mandela’s death was the most important event of 2013, his arrest was another part of this.
Nelson Mandela’s arrest was a big part of why his Death was the most important current event of 2013. Because of his organization of anti-segregation groups and worker’s strikes, Mandela was given a life sentence in a prison located on Robben Island. The government had hoped that by putting Mandela in prison, the movement against segregation would end. That proved to not be the case. Instead, the government had created a martyr that...

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