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Neighbourhoods Essay

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  • on September 1, 2013
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“ Encik Karim realized now that if it were not for the public-spiritedness of his neighbours, he would have lost everything that he had.” He would have lost his wife, children, a big bungalow house which complete furniture in it. Here I would like to tell you about encik karim and how public spiritednessof his neighbours had changed him into a good person. Encik karim was a resident of kampung lundang, kota bharu, Kelantan. He inherited much wealth from his late father including 50 acres of land and a big batik factory in kota bharu. He was very proud of his own wealth and heritage that he became a snobbish man in his village. He was proud to have a happy family. His wife was the most beautiful lady in kota bharu and all his children were brilliant and intelligent in studies. He had 10 servants and 2 drivers who worked for him and his family. His wealth and achievements had isolated him from other villagers whom to him were ignorant, poor and failures in life.
One day as usual encik karim went out to his factory early in the morning. In his Mercedes car on his way to the factory, he saw many villagers walking bare-footed. The villagers smiled at him but being an aloof man, he just ignored them and talked to his drivers, “drive faster,mat. I do not feel comfortable looking at those poor people. They are disgusting!” Mat, being an obedient driver, sped the car and just left the villagers feeling sad and down to earth.
Encik karim was very busy that morning. There was a very important meeting with some fabric managers from united kingdom. He was hoping that his business proposal to build a factory in Edinburgh, Scotland became a reality after meeting the important people. Suddenly there was an urgent call from one of the villagers. At first he wanted to ignore the call, but then answered when the man sound panicked. He was very shocked to be informed that his big bungalow house was on fire! His wife and children were in the house when he left in the morning....

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