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Negotiation Essay

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Communication and Personality in Negotiation
Zachary S Burwell
December 9, 2013
Herbert D. Johnson

Communication and Personality in Negotiation

This paper will describe a particular situation where the writer has participated in the sale and negotiation of property or goods.   This paper will also analyze the roles of communication and how they were involved in the negotiation process.
Two years ago, two people ( male and female) came in possession of   some artwork equipment that could be valued at three thousand united states dollars in multiples of five (3000 x 5).   A third person was called in for assistance since the third person has experience buying and selling this type of equipment.   The third person was asked if they had any connections to anyone who would be willing to buy off the market.   The first two people were in luck because the third person did just happen to know someone who was interested in some of the equipment.   The third person was told by the sellers to tell any potential buyers that the equipment would be sold at a deep discount (1000 apiece) to anyone who was willing.   The sellers were willing to discount the equipment because they were in a rush to unload the goods for a quick profit.   The third person advised against this and suggested patience for this situation because there were many people who would be interested and willing to pay full price if they waited.   The sellers did not have the patience to wait.   The original person who was interested in the equipment was told by the third person that the goods would be sold at a thousand a piece instead of three thousand a piece.   This made the deal more attractive for the person who is interested because this particular person deals in this kind of equipment frequently so it would only be of a benefit to this person if the equipment was deeply discounted. The interested party agreed to buy one for a thousand.   The time and date were set and the female seller and the...

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