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Negative Effects of Dairy Essay

  • Submitted by: chevaughn1
  • on February 26, 2014
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Negativity of Dairy in our diet
Thesis: The Rising Morality Rate of Diabetes and other illness are caused by the Excessive Intake of Dairy in our Diets.
I. How Dairy affects the Body
a) children
b) adults
II. Illnesses Due to excess Dairy
a) Heart disease
b) Diabetes
c) Cancer
III. Lactose Intolerance
IV: Effect of Dairy around the world
a) Africa
b) America

Student’s name: Chevaughn Hibbert
Student’s ID#: 18120514
Lecturer’s name: Carol Fider
Freshman Composition 2
March 27, 2013

Negative Impact of Excessive Dairy in our Diets
How Dairy affects the Body
Humans are the only specie to naturally drink milk after it is weaned. The cause of this is due to the fact that after a mammal is weaned, it ceases to produce Renin and so it cannot digest casein anymore. Professor Walther Veiths stated that once a baby is weaned it should never get milk again. Rennin enzymes are produced by the stomach cells of young mammals. In the article Function of Rennin Enzymes,
Rennin is secreted in large amounts right after the birth and then its production gradually drops off. It is then eclipsed in importance by the Pepsin enzyme. Pepsin and rennin are the only two enzymes produced in the stomach. Rennin is produced as the inactive prorennin. When milk enters the stomach, prorennin is activated by the hydrochloric acid in the gastric juice and converted into the active rennin enzyme.
The function of rennin enzymes is to curdle milk and separate it into semi-solid curds and liquid whey. Curdling of the milk is necessary if the milk is to be retained in the stomach long enough for the milk proteins to be digested properly. Young mammals would derive no benefit from the milk they drink if it passed through the stomach too quickly, which is what would happen if it was allowed to remain in its non-curdled state. (Arnold)
The primary function of cow's milk is to nourish calves. Milk is high in fat to provide nutrients to rapidly growing calves, and is also...

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