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Nba Overpaid Essay

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  • on March 18, 2012
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Neico Alexander
Are NBA Players Overpaid?
In today’s generation there is much belief that it is not what you know, but simply who you know instead. This leads some people wondering why professional athletes are paid much more than doctors who have attended schooling for nearly twelve years to earn their degree. Being successful may have many different definitions but it is all attained through hard work and dedication.   Pursuing your dreams is one of the greatest things in life but can also be one of the most challenging. Today’s society has a lot to do with how much occupation holders are making and are partly responsible for the millions of dollars that some of the most blossoming athletes in the nation are being paid. These players belong to the National Basketball Association otherwise known as the NBA, and with all of the sacrifices they have made throughout their life I believe that they deserve every dollar that they are making.
A lot of outside viewers may seem to think that all NBA players know how to do is dribble and shoot a basketball, which is not the case at all. These players also know time management, responsibility, multiple on court plays, and what it takes to be successful. Only the elite players make it into this league and the road to get there is not an easy one. A lot of these athletes come from a very hard child hood and have some of the most inspiring stories to ever be told.   They had to work every day to get to their current position and sacrifice many things that others did not. Being a professional athlete is not just about playing a game, it’s about everything that goes on behind the scenes to get these players to the current skill level that they are at today. A debatable salary for every player arises when it comes time to form a contract, and this can often create quite the controversy.
Nearly more than a decade ago in 1996, was when one of the highest paid contracts in sports history was formed with professional basketball...

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