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Nazi Poster Essay

  • Submitted by: JosephBohan50
  • on March 25, 2014
  • Category: Social Issues
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WHO WE ARE | We are the National Socialist German Workers' Party, also known as the Nazis. We are a political party devoted to making Germany great again. Our goal is to help the superior race of Aryans, a race of blonde haired blue-eyed people who are largely German, dominate Europe.   Because the Aryans are the superior race of Europeans, the more of them there are, the better it is for Europe and the world. However, even if we fill Germany up to the brink with Aryans, there still won’t be enough of us to go around. As long as the inferior races of Europe occupy so much space, the Aryan population will never be able to grow enough to be the majority of Europe. To solve this problem, we, the Nazi Party, hope to gain more lebensraum, or living space, for Germany in order to have enough space to make room for the superior race of Aryans. Now this land won’t just be given to us, so in order to make Germany and the world great, Germany will have to wage war on the rest of Europe to get the living space we need. Getting this land won’t be easy -- the Nazi party needs help, people to build guns, bombs, and planes, people to join the ranks of our great military. This is where you come in. If YOU join the Nazi party, YOU can help end the depression and make Germany great again.

HOW WE PLAN TO ACCOMPLISH THIS | Right now you might be thinking our goals are unreasonable or impossible, but in truth, they are very much possible as long as each and every German does their part to help the cause. Because of Aryans’ inherent superiority, even if there are less of us in a battle, we can still prevail due to our superior nature. However, even superior people need a strong government. Odds are you’ve seen the effects of a weak government like the coalition one we have now. The current weak leadership has run Germany into the ground and failed to deal with the...

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