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Nature Paper

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  • on September 2, 2013
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Critical Thinking
Tyiqua Turner
Marquez Hall

Nature of Thought Paper
This will paper will explain the critical thinking process. It will explain the sensing process and define memory, it will also identify what medium is. Last but no least it will Identify personal barriers and describe thoughts.
Sensing process has to do with the way humans perceive things like seeing, hearing, smell, taste and touch. Humans perceive stimuli from the outside and inside of their body. Sensing controls the way the brain functions it allows people to pick up on vibes, and have gut feelings about certain situations. Sensing helps the brain observe and get ideas about things that are happening around them. People are able to pick up on things easily, and suspect things without even knowing what the situation might be.
Memory is the process that is used to store information in the brain in which it makes it easier to retain, and retrieve information from it later on. There are three major processes that make up the memory process. Encoding: is the process that forms new memories and information by changing into usable form. Once information has been locked into the brain, it is stored in the memory for later use. Stored memory: can be found outside of our awareness the majority of the time, except for when it needs to be used. Retrieval process allows the human brain to bring memories that have been stored back into awareness and conscious. Without the process of memory people would not be able to do their daily activities in which they need in order to survive in life.
Medium is the language that is used for communication it is designed to transmit information from a speaker to a writer. Medium is the sender, audience and receiver.
  * My perception was far from the actual facts when I thought that my boyfriend felt the same way about me as I felt about him. In beginning everything was great he acted like he was so much in love with me but in...

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