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My Trip Essay

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  • on February 26, 2014
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English 091
September 07, 2013    
My trip
It was a Thursday morning around 2:30. I was really excited for the trip to Los Angeles, California and see my aunt that I hadn’t seen for six years. To be real honest I was more excited to go to Six Flags, because I had never been there. So I didn’t know what to expect. Will it was going to be 3:00 in the morning and we were all ready it was four of us it was two of my cousins, my older brother and myself. We all put our stuff in the car said our goodbyes and left at 3:00 in the morning. Along the highway there was no other car for miles it seem like, it was dark, cool, and lonely. By thirty minutes into the trip everyone went to sleep, but me, I was the one driving. I was shocked when I turned around and everyone was out cold, it looked like if someone had K.O. them to sleep. So then I was alone driving along I wasn’t sleepy or any like that. It wasn’t until like 7:30 am that one of my cousins had woke up and then everyone else followed. We had about a hour and a half to go to get to my aunt’s house and my brother has to go to the bathroom bad he’s telling me pull over or stop somewhere I have to go bad. So then we stopped so he could go but the rest of the way all of us made fun of him. We finally get to my aunt’s house and she is waiting for us, she was like you guys got here early, we got there at 8:30 am. Then she made us a real big breakfast because she was going to go to work and wasn’t going to be back until like 5:00 pm. So when she got out of work we all went out to eat my aunt, now five cousins, and myself at place where they sale wings only I don't remember the name of the place. After that we were all going back to my aunt’s house late like around 12:30 am. The four of us were tired but excited at the same time because we were to go to Six Flags in the morning. It was morning and we all awake and then head out to Six Flags it took like thirty five minutes to get there. When we got there it was packed,...

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