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My Son the Fanatic Essay

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  • on March 27, 2014
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My son the fanatic


  1. Read the first paragraph of the text. What appears to be the matter?
Parvez was getting nervous that something was wrong with his son. Ali had always made a mess in his room, but suddenly his room started to look nice and clean and well organized.
  2. Skim pp. 194-195 to see witch of your theories are right or wrong
He’s becoming more religious, and he doesn’t want all the Westernized things.
  3. Take turns to ask and answer the following questions
  * What has Parvez done to secure his son a good life in England?
He has put a lot of money in his son’s education and Parvez has become a part of the English culture.
  * How has the son reacted to this in the past?
He liked school and London. He liked being like everyone else. He liked having the same things as his friends. He liked school and London. He liked being like everyone else. He liked having the same things as his friends.
  * What is attractive to Parvez about his job?
He likes working at night; the roads are clearer and the money is better. Hi liked to sit at the taxi-office and talk to his colleges.
  * Why dose it take him so long to talk about the change in Ali with his friend?
They talked about parents who have children who are doing drugs and they all judged the parents and said they were not good enough parents. He did not want his friends to think that about him, and because Ali was like a showpiece
  * How had the son done in school. What is he doing now?
He had always done well in school, but now he dropped out of school.
  * What is Parvez dream of doing well in England?
He just wants his son to do well in England; marry a good woman and have success, unlike himself. A dream of becoming Middle class, (American dream) get a family unit, get a car, good education, secure job, house   gained through you Protestant work attics.
  * What is his friends’ theory about Ali’s eccentric describe?
They think its drugs
  * What...

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