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My Seld Essay

  • Submitted by: jontee96
  • on March 19, 2012
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My name is Jonathan Tee Wei Hsien. I do have a Chinese name but I won’t bother writing it here because most people who would read it won’t know head or tail what they would see. I am now 16 years of age and in Form 4 though I am technically still 15 because it’s not my birthday yet, which is on the 14th of October. I weigh 70 kilograms which is quite heavy but not surprising as I measure 172 centimetres tall. My eyes are of the darkest brown but nearly all my friends have mistaken it for black.
Many people who have asked me how extensive my family is ends up with their jaw hanging. Yes, my family is quite large; I have 6 siblings. They are Daniel, Rachel, Peter, Andrew, David and Benjamin. Many have had their minds turned upside down when trying to differentiate Peter and Andrew. This is because they are twins! My father’s name is Tee Meng Hun who is a heart specialist but the proper term is cardiologist. My mother Yin Sheau Ling who, on the other hand has no job. Well, it isn’t one bit surprising as I do have 6 siblings. Oh, and I forgot mention that I am the eldest and thus, I am 4 times older than the youngest, Benjamin.
My father is a ‘techy’. It means that he loves to keep up with the latest technology. So, we have computers as well as a laptop in our house. My mother, in contrast, have almost no idea how to use a computer. However, she learns from her children who can easily navigate a computer and is improving quite fast. My house is like a zoo thanks to my siblings. All of them are hyper-active save me and my sister. It is always noisy, always in a mess and always, absolutely, as sure as I live, in confusion. Thankfully, with a lot of patience, I have learned to get use to this. Sadly, the same cannot be said for Rachel, whom is always complaining about the house environment.
Here comes the part which I am least keen to talk about, though I will. It is my education background. I went to Smart Readers as a kindergartener, where I learned my letters...

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