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My Food Intake Essay

  • Submitted by: BABYMOMMY
  • on June 23, 2014
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The program I decided to use was www.choosemyplate.com.   I tracked my food intake for 5 days from July 8-12.  
Based on my weight my allowed calorie intake per day was 2,000.   Based on my intake journal for 5 days I was under my suggested calorie intake. On average I ate 1, 765 calories.   Based on choosemyplate.com this was just ok.   Even though I was getting over half of my suggested calorie intake on average things I was eating wasn’t healthy at all.   I was eating under the recommended amount of red/orange vegetables, beans/peas, and seafood. I was eating over the recommended amount of dark green vegetables, and empty calories.   On average I ate 426 empty calories. My recommended empty calorie intake should have been less than 258.   This is definitely not good because empty calories are calories from added sugars or solid fats that have very little nutrients.   My empty calorie intake consist of sodas (added sugars), chips (fats), cookies (added sugars), pizza (fats), and brownies (added sugars).   I can improve my empty calorie intake by choosing foods that don’t have added sugars or fats.
My sodium (macronutrient) intake was over my recommended intake. This is a huge problem for me because I have high blood pressure and currently take two different medications for it.   Based on my five day journal I averaged 2922mg of sodium a day. This is not good at all.   I have to do better. Especially because I one day want to come off my blood pressure medications.   DRI recommends 1.5g of sodium a day for me based on my gender, and age.   I have to do better. One day soon I hope to discontinue both of my blood pressure pills.   I can lower my sodium intake by lowering the amount of high sodium foods I eat. Which means swapping potato chips for air popped reduced sodium popcorn or adding cayenne pepper to my food to make it spicy instead using hot sauce.
My carbohydrate (macronutrient) intake is another issue for me. My recommended intake a day based on DRI is 130g a day....

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