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My Career, My Math Essay

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My Career, My Math
Lillie Wasson
Kaplan University
MM212     Unit 9     Final

Math is used in everyday life. Addition and subtraction is used when giving and receiving change, multiplication and division is used when figuring paychecks. As an electronic technician the algebra that was learned in school is used widely in the work that I do. We use geometry when the service technicians are figuring out how to set cables in a bin, electronic technician use angles when drawing out a plan for the cables and the electronic engineer uses inches and smaller when drawing up a schematic. We use the equation for distance when driving to or from work so we are on time. Math is all around us whether we notice it or not (Blair, 2010).

My Career, My Math
      A variety of math concepts are used through-out the day in the life of an electronic technician. When needing to find the value of a resistor, capacitor or transistor we use algebra. We use addition, subtraction, multiplication and division each day. Two values are known and one needs to be found. Most of our equations are solved by substituting known values in an algebraic formula and solving for the unknown.
      Ohm’s Law is defined as a linear relationship between the power, voltage, current and resistance in an electrical circuit (Ohm’s Law, 2014). There are many equations in use when working on an electrical problem or building a unit from the ground up. The chart below is a chart I use quite often. It’s easier to have this chart on my desk than for me to try to remember all the different equations that come up when figuring voltages, power, amperes or ohms.


      When building a circuit it is important to know the values for each component. To figure out these values algebra comes into play. Such as if I need to know what the value of a resistor should be and I have the voltage and the amperage I can figure out the resistor with this...

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