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My Business Plan

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My business and I were approached with a request for help from Martin
Fletcher Maidenheads town manager, who asked if we could help him
research and show the reasons why Maidenhead is considered as the
second town in the county and what the town could collectively do to
increase peoples opinion of the town, in order to encourage people to
use the town more often and to improve people’s knowledge of services
offered in the town and the advantages to using the town!

We accepted his offer with open arms as we thought that it would be an
interesting project, and that as it is most of our local town it could
be interesting to see whether any of our recommendations are
implemented in to the town in the near future, we also thought that it
would be a good piece of course work as it is not the usual project so
we would be presented with new problems that we have never come across
before giving us a chance to show our problem solving skills. It also
gives us more than enough to show and implement our business skills
that we have been studying for the last four years!
Aims and objectives:

In my project marketing Maidenhead there are many areas of business
that I will look in to, to help my research, collate and present the
data. I will also have to include certain key points that illustrate
the problems involved with Maidenhead and actual marketing the town; I
have listed some of these criteria’s below!

· What are the marketing needs of Maidenhead

· what marketing program will I recommend to be introduced for the

· What marketing strategy and plan I will recommend to be implemented
in the town.

· To provide details of all of the operational requirements in order
to effect this program

· what human resources are required to implement this project?

· What financial resources are required to implement this project?

· Any legal, council or planning restraints involved in implementing

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