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My Back Wont Stop Hurting, Help!? Essay

  • Submitted by: aurelmuz
  • on August 29, 2013
  • Category: Shakespeare
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Below is an essay on "My Back Wont Stop Hurting, Help!?" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Aurelija Muznikite

TOP 10

      I think most people like to listen to music. I know I do. I cant go a day without listening to music, I like music because it keeps me entertained and it’s always fun.   I listen to music when I wake up and start getting ready, and when I clean the house and when going for a jog. Music is also fun when hanging out with people. People have different taste in music so there is no way of saying what songs or bands are the best because everyone is going to have a different opinion. I have a different taste in music, and these are some of my songs that I listen.

DaniALL - Dance Floor – This song is a dance song. A type of song that would play in a club or at parties. I would listen to this type of music when I’m out with friends having fun. It brings a good mood to people, makes them dance and puts a smile on people’s faces.

About you – I like this song because it puts be in a very relaxing stage, whenever I can’t sleep or I’m over thinking things, or worrying about things, this song will help me come to peace with myself.

      Heartbreak – although the title of the song might seem sad/depressing, it’s not. It has a nice beat to it, and I think you can sort of dance to it. I also like the lyrics of this song, at night when I would be listening to this song, it would get me thinking about lots of things. It’s also a really good song for both to relax or dance and have fun, it can work both way.

      Chasing pirates – I think this song can have a different mood, sad, happy. It’s very soothing. I listen to this song when I do my homework or when in the morning, because it relaxes me before I have to go to school and puts me in a good mood. But I also listen to this song when I’m thinking a lot.

      Take a chance –This song is also a dance type of song. It ALWAYS puts me in a very good mood, because when I listen to this song, theirs is nothing bad going to happen, I can’t be sad, all I...

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