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Music and Its Effect on the Brain Essay

  • Submitted by: grubble
  • on February 28, 2014
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Music and the Mind
People often don’t listen to music and think: how is this music facilitating my neuron growth, but in fact there is a strong link between music and the brain. Why is it that a horror movie seems to lose its eeriness when the ominous music is taken away, a morning workout seems to drag on without the right upbeat music, or a party becomes an awkward situation without the right dance music?   What is it about music that has the ability to evoke our emotions, change our behaviors, and make us connect in certain situations? The answer comes in the form of sound waves and neurons. The sound waves from music alter the way our brain nerves or neurons communicate with one another. It passes through the ear and triggers the neurons to fire signals to the temporal lobe, the part of the brain responsible for hearing and processing music [Pytel, Brain Function and Music]. The various frequencies of the sound wave affect what part of the right hemisphere is stimulated. According to the article “Music and the Brain”, the high frequencies from this music send signals to the part of your brain responsible for producing serotonin, the hormone responsible for happiness. The same holds true for lower frequencies just that the brain produces less serotonin [O’Donnell, Music and the Brain]. The various frequencies not only affect our mood but also our ability to concentrate and retain information. In a research conducted by University of California, 36 students were divided into 3 controlled groups. The first group was subjected to listening Mozart. The second group listened to relaxing music, and the last group listened to nothing at all. After 10 minutes, all the students were given an IQ test; the students who listened to Mozart saw a 9 point increase in their IQ scores compared to the other groups. The conclusion was that the frequency of Mozart’s music was at perfect frequency; one that wasn’t too low or high. This stimulated the right side of...

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