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Music and Babies Essay

  • Submitted by: jslippy
  • on February 27, 2014
  • Category: Psychology
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Jessica Slippy
Extra Credit #1

Music and Babies

It is not an unknown fact that music effects the way we feel. I mean, take movies for instance. If you watched a scary movie with the sound turned off, it wouldn’t be as scary, right? This is the same for when you work out, or do yoga, or are studying. If you do listen to music while you do these things, your performance is greatly affected. Well, the same goes for music and prenatal babies. Playing music while you are pregnant greatly effects how your baby acts. Classical music is always suggested, but does is it really make your baby “smarter”? There are even products that can make playing music to your baby a lot easier.
A baby develops their hearing fully in the first 20 weeks, but can hear sound at 17 weeks.   And by 26 weeks you will be able to see responses to the sounds of their environment, and the response to the music. At almost 30 weeks, the baby will start to breath to the beat of the music, or move to the beat. Also at this time, the baby will react to the type of music you are playing with different movements in the womb.
A study in 1991 involving 6 pregnant woman shows that babies could recognize music they had heard when in the womb.   At about 6 weeks after birth, when the babies heard the music they were played while in the womb, they were more alert and they had more physical movements. This recognizing lasted even after 12 months out of the womb. Music also helps the bond between the baby and the mother. When the mother sings the melody to the child, or she sways to the beat, relaxing the baby, the baby feels safe, and therefore, it creates a much tighter bond between the baby and the mother. Even though music is said to make positive effect on a child before and after birth it is still not known whether music can actually make the baby “smarter”. Studying music at a young age can highly effect brain development. It is also known that children who play musical instruments...

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