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Music Essay

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  • on March 26, 2014
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Music Equals Life
Kaplan University

Music is a very simple word used to define an incredible series of sounds that are heard in the ears and felt in the heart and soul. Music has been a part of humanity for as long as we’ve lived together drawing from many cultures and influences. It serves to root us not only to our communities, but to our own lives and experiences. In this assignment we were asked to find four songs that prove just that, four songs that ground us to who we are and how we identify ourselves. The songs I chose are “Oh Susanna” by Stephen Foster, “Sic Transit Gloria” by Brand New, “Fast Times at Clairemont High” by Pierce the Veil, and   “Dare4Distance” by nevershoutnever.
I associate the song “Oh Susanna” (Tomaschewski, 2008) with my childhood because it reminds me of my grandmother.   When I got my first keyboard from my mom it had preset songs on it and that was one of them.   My grandmother used to sing along with it and whenever I hear that song it always makes me smile and remember her.   This choice reflects my experiences in two ways, I continued to play the piano and my grandmother was a huge part of my life growing up.   We lived with her on and off until I was 12.  
I associate the band “Brand New” with adolescence because it is a band that I had heard on a blog and had completely fallen in love with their music.   I still remember to this day the first time I heard their music.   I guess you could say I used it as a way to rebel; I definitely didn’t try to fit in by listening to it.   Even though I associate it with my adolescence I still listen to them today and even have a song title “Sic Transit Gloria” tattooed on my arm.   This song stands out to me the most and is the first one that pops in my head when I think about the band.   The lyrical content was so impactful at the time, and still to this day. Music like any other form of art has always seemed to focus around the most complex human emotion, love. This song is if...

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