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Music Essay

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  • on March 17, 2012
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Schubert impromptu

Frank Schubert, born 31st January 1797, is admired as one of the leading exponents of the early romantic era in music and also is often referred to as the king of songs.
His  Impromptu in A flat major, is written in the standard minuet form. Its main section features a melody with chordal accompaniment. The opening bars of the melody  are similar to the  theme from the opening of Beethoven's Piano Sonata in A-flat, Opus 26. The middle section of the Impromptu, marked Trio as standard in minuets, is contrasted in character with the main section. It is written in D-flat major, and has continuous triplet motion. The second part of the Trio moves to D-flat minor (written in the same key signature but with accidentals added), then climaxes on A major (written without a key signature), fortissimo, and finally calms down and repeats the major-mode first phrase.


Isaac Manuel Francisco Albéniz   was born on 29th of May 1860, in camprodon, a small city in Catalonia, Spain.he  was a Spanish Catalan pianist and composer best known for his piano works based on folk music idioms (many of which have been transcribed by others for guitar).
 Albéniz wrote the piece asturias during the early 1890's. His teacher and composer Felip Pedrell inspired him to write Spanish music. The piece was first published in Barcelona, and called "Preludio" of a three-movement set entitled Chants d' Espagne, op. 232. 
The titles of the movements advertised for Albéniz's earlier Suite española draw upon a wide range of Spanish provinces: Aragon, Andalucia, Castile, Catalonia, as well as the Northern mining region, Asturias. The Chants d' Espagne, however, is inspired entirely by the Andalucia region - the home of flamenco, and of the Moorish invasion.  

Haydn fantasia
Franz Joseph Haydn, is one of the most prolific composers of the classical period.he is often called the "father of the symphony" because of his important contributions to the form of...

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