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Multimedia Explication Essay

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Multi-Media Project Explication

I have helped to create an online profile for my sister’s husband.   This is a very unique and interesting profile to read.     We have incorporated many different colors, font sizes, and pictures.   The goal for this website is to give someone a feel for Heath as a person before meeting him and his accomplishments he has achieved.
The opening page welcomes the reader to the profile and gives a little explanation of what they might find in this online profile.   Followed by the explanation heath and I have placed signed it with Heaths name to give the reader the feeling that Heath is actually talking to them.   We decided to keep this page simple and use it as just an introduction to not over crowd the reader right away.   First the background is made up of several shapes of gray.   The dark shade of gray is used in the blank space we left on the outsides of the page.   The blank space left on the sides allows the readers eyes to focus into the center of the page.   The background where we provide information and visuals is a lighter shade of gray.   The color gray was chosen to not overload the reader’s eyes with many different colors and looks more professional.   On the welcome page we use a couple different size fonts.   The biggest being Heath’s name at the top of the page so the reader can capture the name in their mind before beginning to read into the profile.   We used a couple different visuals on the welcome page.   These pictures include personal pictures of Heath in a natural environment.   This gives off a friendly feeling and shows that he is an average friendly guy.   The approach here is to start to get the reader to feel as if they know him already.   The largest picture is one of the engagement pictures of him and my sister.   We incorporated some Disneyland pictures into the mix as well as another engagement picture.   The Disneyland pictures do have meaning which will be found as you read through the profile.   One of the most...

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