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Multicultural Psychology Essay

  • Submitted by: LLSkinner2011
  • on September 2, 2013
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Multicultural Psychology
Lisa L. Skinner
February 4, 2013
Tracy Mallett


According to "What Is Multicultural Psychology?" (n.d.), Multicultural psychology is defined as the systematic study of behavior, cognition, and affect in settings where people of different backgrounds interact”. Multicultural psychology represents people from different walks of life, ethnics, race, morals, and values. Historically psychologists did not study psychology from different cultures but primarily focused on White or European Americans. Through the years the American Psychological Association (APA) developed guidelines for psychologists when dealing with multicultural issues.   Although, multicultural psychologist continues to meet opposition currently psychology research deals with much diversity in language, race, age, sex, and cultures ("What Is Multicultural Psychology?", n.d.).

Multicultural Psychology
To completely understand the meaning of Multicultural Psychology the word needs to be broken into sections. Multi- means “more than one” “many”. Culture means much more than where an individual is from or the color of one’s skin but pertains to beliefs, race, and customs passed down from ancestors (such as cuisine, language, clothing, and surroundings). The suffix -al provides something of or pertaining to something. Psychology is how people think, act, and behavior in different cultures ("What Is Multicultural Psychology?", n.d.).

Multicultural Psychology is especially needed in the United States where people with different backgrounds reside. Psychologists need the ability to understand different cultures thought process in order to help solve problems. The Psychologist must learn to look passed the racial and cultural background to treat individually. For example, “white” skin tone could represent a person from the United States or Canada which characterize different culture backgrounds. The main purpose of Multicultural Psychology is...

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