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Mud Density Essay

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Plastic Carrying Case Level Bubble


Base Lid

4-Scale Plastic Mud Balance Complete with Case 100-00

4-Scale Plastic Mud Balance
Components: #100-01 4-Scale Plastic Mud Balance w/o Case #100-10 Base #100-20 Lid #100-25 Rider #100-30 Level Bubble Assembly #100-28 Level Bubble Frame #100-29 Level Bubble Vial #100-56 Lead Shot Case: #100-40 Plastic Carrying Case

Item# 100-00
OFI Testing Equipment, Inc.
11302 Steeplecrest Dr. Houston, Texas 77065 U.S.A. Tele: 832.320.7300 or 877.837.8683 Fax: 713.880.9886 www.ofite.com
┬ęCopyright OFITE 2011

Instruction Manual
Updated 4/21/2009 Ver. 1.2

OFI Testing Equipment, Inc.

Introduction: The density or weight of a given volume of liquid is determined by using a mud balance. The arm is graduated and permits accurate measurements to within ┬▒0.1 pounds per gallon. The balance is constructed so that the fixed volume cup at one end of the beam is balanced by a fixed counterweight at the opposite end, with a sliding weight rider free to move along the graduated scale. A level bubble mounted on the beam indicates when the system is in balance.

Procedure: 1. Place the mud balance base (preferably in carrying case) on a flat level surface. Measure the temperature of the fluid and record on the appropriate mud report form. Fill the clean, dry cup to the top with the freshly obtained mud sample to be weighed. Place the lid on the cup and set it with a gentle twisting motion. Be sure that some mud is expelled through the hole in the cap as this will ensure the cup is full and also will free any trapped air or gas. Cover the hole in the lid with a finger and wash all mud from the outside of the cup and arm. Then thoroughly dry the entire balance. Place the balance on the knife edge and move the rider along the outside of the arm until the cup and arm are balanced as indicated by the bubble. Read mud weight at the edge of the rider toward the mud cup. Clean and dry the mud balance after each use.


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