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(II) Guideline for the MSDS Exercise Note: You may use any of the Web sites that are listed on the MSDS information sheet for this exercise. The MSDS information handout is posted on CCLE under the “Course Information” folder. The MSDS exercise report should not exceed two pages in length. This exercise serves as a guide for the rest of the quarter regarding the safety information that you will need to include in the introductory material for the chemicals you will be using in the upcoming experiment. It may be easier to do a search if you include the concentration or the reagent grade in the search engine.
Chemicals: Toluene Nitric Acid (15%, v/v%) Zinc Chloride (solid) Calcium Hydroxide (Solid Pellet)

Record the following MSDS information in your laboratory notebook for TWO of the four chemicals listed above. Printouts directly from Web pages will NOT be accepted for grading. Refer to the MSDS handout for more details. Note: You should choose the site that provides you with the chemical information that matches closely to the concentration/reagent grade listed for the chemical. For this report, you simply need to LIST the following required items shown below for the specific chemical compound. You will complete this exercise in your laboratory notebook. Due date is listed on the lab schedule. You may use a combination of different Web sites for the assignment. Important: Reference the site (i.e. write down the name and the URL address) that you used for each of the chemical. Chemical name Product or commercial name Formula weight (if no information is available, the chemical is mostly likely a solution or impure material) Chemical formula (if no information is available, the chemical is mostly likely a solution or impure material) Note: MSDS only lists the information for chemical formula and formula weight if the material is a pure solid or a pure solvent. Physical state at room temperature (i.e. solid, liquid or gas) Melting and/or boiling points Specific...

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