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Moving and Barriers Essay

  • Submitted by: minaonlyone
  • on March 24, 2014
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English 43
March, 17, 2014
Moving and barriers
          In today’s world, it goes without a saying that education is the key in life, it is also the main hope for people to actively contribute to the fullest of their potential. As a kid, I grew up in a country known as Iran. After graduationg from highschool, I studied Urban design engineering for 3 years in Azad university of Mashhad. Mashhad is one of the big cities in Iran. Along all these years I took some English cources occasionally but I was not fluent on it.
          Moving to the united states for a higher education in order to improve my lifestyle was very challenging for me. It Perhaps was the most significant event or rather a turning point in my life. I moved to San Diego, a city that is totally different from the one I came from. Variety in   cultures, religions, behaviors and specially in the language gave me sense of strange. I knew that this would be my biggest barrier I would have to overcome. Life was complicated during the transition stage when I was learning to accustom myself to a new language.
          Communicating in English is a crucial requirement in order to live in the United States. I was most nervous about going to a new school where everyone spoke a language that I couldn't understand well. I was scared that I wouldn't fit in and make any new friends. Surrounded by the new environment, everything seemed so scary. I didn’t pass my driving test first time because I didn’t understand what instructor said to me. For example she told me now U turn and I thought she said now you turn and I turned left. It happened for writing test as well. First time I failed and second time I took it in Persian language and passed it. It was a challenge for me to change my life and learn English.
          Through out first 2 monthes, I was in a class called ESOL which stands for English Speaking Other Languages. all students were from other countries. My ESOL professor really helped me, even...

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