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Movie Essay

  • Submitted by: Wongvuishin
  • on June 27, 2014
  • Category: Miscellaneous
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Wong : Good morning Aaron !
Aaron : Good morning Wong, I want to ask that do you like to watch movie.
Wong : Yes, I am very like movie that type of thriller and science fiction. How about you?
Aaron : Same as you too.
Wong : So what is your favourite movie ?
Aaron : Erm…. My favourite movie is “Godzilla”.
Wong : What make you interesting in this movie?
Aaron :   In this movie there are a huge monster like dinasour named Godzilla that make a great destruction to the country.
Wong : What had you learn in this movie ?
Aaron : I had learn it is not easy to be an army. It need high physical endurance and more importantly - strong mentality. . After watching that movie, my respect towards all military soldiers all around the world just KEBABOOM!.
Wong : How many stars would you rate to this movie?
Aaron : I’m rate this movie 4 stars. Can you tell me now, what is your favourite movie?
Wong : My favourite movie is The Amazing Spiderman 2 : Rise of Electro .
Aaron : What make you interesting to this movie ?
Wong : This movie make me interesting because I am watch Spiderman since I was child. Iam very like spiderman. I had imagine before that if I am a spiderman. This movie is about the fighting between spiderman with electro, Harry and rhino.
Aaron : So what had you learn in this movie?
Wong : First I had learn with the great power comes great responsibility. The second is we should keep our promise. Peter should keep the promise of Gwen’s father after he had killed by Dr connor .He should leave her so that she will not die.
Aaron : How many stars would you rate to this movie?
Wong : I would rate 4.5 star to this movie.
Aaron : Thank you for sharing your favourite movie”s review with me.
Wong : You are welcome!

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