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Mountains of Madness Setting Essay

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  • on March 25, 2014
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The Suspenseful Mountains of Madness
In H.P. Lovecraft’s story “At the Mountains of Madness,” the story is focused on a geologist, William Dyer and his team who set off for the Antarctic region to find “deep-level specimens of rock and soil from various parts of the Antarctic continent” (1). A team that had already previously been working in Antarctica is found slaughtered and all the specimens that they had found are taken. Dyer and Danforth set off for an adventure to find make new discoveries. He later discovers that the mountains that they are surrounded by are actually outer walls of a huge, abandoned stone city. Lovecraft uses many techniques and literary devices to create a suspenseful read for his readers. The most important devices that contribute to the suspense and horror of Lovecraft’s story are setting and language. Having Antarctica as the major setting of the story creates suspense and horror for the readers because the location for the City of the Old Ones in Antarctica is so isolated and full of mystery. The use of language contributes by the dangerous vocabulary Lovecraft exceptionally uses.

Antarctica is a continent that is not well known by many people.   Once you are in Antarctica you are isolated from the rest of the world and are in your own world. It is portrayed as a place that is very lonely and for Lovecraft to use a setting such as Antarctica, adds nervousness to the plot of the story. What makes isolation even more scary is that anyone can go mad being left alone in an unfamiliar environment with only mountains surrounding you, that the “appalling antiquity and lethal desolation of the place [are] enough to overwhelm almost any sensitive person, but added to these elements were the recently unexplained horrors at the camp, and the revelations all too soon effected by the terrible mural sculptures around us” (56). Isolation is a huge factor of terror because if you were to be in trouble, help wouldn’t be able to arrive as quickly as...

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