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Motivation Concepts Analysis

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  • on March 18, 2012
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Motivation Concepts Analysis
Human Motivation – PSY/320

Motivation Concepts Analysis
With the present state of the economy, ones need to survive is more prevalent than ever.   The need for shelter, food, and clothing are constant motivators to secure ones job position.   One finds his or herself settling for poor treatment, lower positions, and no raises or advancement in current positions. This writing will assess one of the grand theories, known as Drive Theory.   A description of how this theory would or would not be applicable in a personal work setting, modern motivators, and ramifications of failing to meet challenges will be expressed in this writing as well.
Personal Work Experiences
The drive theory replaced the instinct theory, as the instinct theory was met with opposition during the end of its research.   Whereas the instinct theory suggested that behavior was innate and motivated by mechanistic behavior and genetics, the drive theory suggests that the function of behavior was to service bodily needs.   The drive theory is associated with Woodworth, Sigmund Freud, and Clark Hull and was initiated in the early 1900s.   This theory proposes that a person is motivated by their needs. This theory also states that the behavior of this theory acts as an emergency mechanism that alerts the body to take action (Reeve, 2009).
Recently Baldwin Electric Company has experienced company downsizing.   In order to stay employed with Baldwin Electric, one is motivated by the thought of unemployment to take action to secure current positions at work.   The thought of not being able to feed ones family or to provide shelter for one’s self creates a strong motivator.   The behavior that is displayed at Baldwin Electric is sad.   Employees are constantly thinking of ways to ensure their jobs, even if they hurt others in the process.   The employee that offers the most valuable attributes will be able to stay employed.   During these downsizing periods it is...

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