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Motivation And Teams Case Study

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Motivation and Teams Case Study

After reading the case study “Two Men and a Lot of Trucks” I believe the motivational theory used was the goal setting theory.   The goal setting theory suggests that employees can be motivated by setting specific goals.   When Ms. Sheets realized the potential success of her business she began drafting formal business plans and operating manuals.   Sheets knew that moving companies had a “cruddy reputation” so her goal was to put a premium on customer service.   Sheets wanted her customers to have a stress free experience and she wanted her employees to also deliver a stress free performance.   Sheets mission statement for her business is, “Treat everyone the way you would want your grandmother treated.”   In order for Sheets to create her high-performance teams she established Stick Men University, a comprehensive training facility.   The franchisees and movers would be taught the basics- from customer services to handshakes when the move was done.   At Two Men’s computer lab, franchisees would learn how to pay their royalties electronically, check colleagues, spending patterns, and communicate with each other about what’s working and what’s not. “I want them to be successful as fast as they can,” Sheets says.  

After reading “Siemens’s New Boss” I believe the motivational theory is directed more towards Management by Objective (MBO) theory.   MBO is setting specific goals and then reviewing employee’s progress toward achieving the goals.   Klaus Kleinfeld asked his workers to work more flexible shifts and even weekends to speed up production.   Klaus asked this of the workers because he knew they were getting beat by their competition and everyone’s job was on the line.   Klaus won over the workers by hanging around the factory, asking detailed questions, and answering e-mails from employee reps. immediately.   “He was able to motivate people to pull together,” says Werner Monius.   Kleinfeld was one of the main inventors of One Siemens,...

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