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More Than Perfection Essay

  • Submitted by: ana987
  • on September 2, 2013
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Below is an essay on "More Than Perfection" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Perfection is not about something without any faults; it’s about how kind, beautiful, wonderful this thing succeeds in becoming a masterpiece in it whole.
In my opinion, my perfect world wouldn’t be the one where all my dreams come true, it would be the one where everyone’s dreams come true, a place that combines all humanity’s hopes. It would be perfection indeed.
My perfect world does not belong to The Wonderland or Fairytales. It starts with a sunny summer day, at the window, while allowing our thoughts to fly towards freedom, we think about peace and love.
  This sort of perfection might be created by a human’s soul. It is said that people have got hearts and souls. For me heart represents the part of the body, biologically speaking, but soul, it is a glimpse of divinity; it’s simply kindness even if from the outside it doesn’t seem like that. It’s like a reflection. That image in a mirror doesn’t express who you really are.
    Everybody seems to be liar and careless, but this is just an illusion. All souls suggest that the love chained in our hearts is kind as only an angel could love.
In my perfect world there won’t be mirrors or stuff which would mislead the truth, in my perfect world no one would have to hide, I would discover their force to allow goodness emerge into their bodies.
I wonder how amazing it would be to dwell there, not to feel around you any trace of hatred or envy, just love. If I had the chance to live in this land for only a few minutes, because seconds would be not enough, I would not be exactly sure what I could do. I suppose I would let life to proceed on its own. I would just enjoy the light, the beauty. I would be happy. Extremely happy. Perfectly happy.
I love to keep my memories in crystal balls because, when I shake them, certain long gone moments come back to life with the smooth dance of the silver crumbs.
So, if I was able to bring one thing from my perfect world into the real one I wouldn’t choose anything...

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