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Montana 1948 Essay

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  • on March 25, 2014
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Montana 1948

The Hayden family’s lives changed during the summer of 1948. David Hayden , the son of the family, was disappointed with the way his fathers job was. Wes Hayden, the father, was the sheriff of Mercer County. David was disappointed of his job because he believed that being the sheriff should be a position with excitement, danger, and bravery, but the most that David’s father did was stop rowdy teenagers at the café or chaperone Saturday night dances to make sure nothing bad happened, but by bringing David’s mother and sometimes David showed that there wasn’t much to worry about. Uncle Frank, Wes’ brother, was a doctor and a very much respected war hero. He spent a lot of his time volunteering as the doctor for the Indian Reservation.
After the family’s Indian housekeeper Marie Little Soldier became very sick, Gail, David’s mother, chose to call Frank to check on her and attempt to nurse her to health but as soon as Marie heard that Frank was going to be there she refused saying that she doesn’t need a doctor. But Gail called Frank to check on her anyway. Gail stayed in the room with Marie by request. After Frank left Gail told Wes that Marie had told her that Frank molests Indian girls. Wes didn’t know what to think at first but then him and Gail went in to talk to Marie about it. After talking to her Wes knew that Frank was guilty.
Later Wes talked to Marie again and talked to Ollie Young Bear, an Indian friend of his. Then David, Gail, and Wes went to David’s grandparents house for diner. Wes started to talk to his father about Frank and his wife having kids when his father motioned that Frank had been caught with an Indian girl when he was younger. David went riding on his horse after everyone ate when he overheard something between the trees, he got closer and noticed that it was his father and his uncle arguing. David figured that his father brought up what Marie had told him. They went home to see Marie sitting on the couch feeling a little...

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